Makeup Monday: Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

This past weekend Portland had the great pleasure of entertaining our long-lost friend, the sun.
Temperatures weren’t exactly scorching, but did kind of necessitate a little more thought on the hair front. I always have more trouble with my hair in the summer than I do in the winter. While in the colder months my hair seems to behave, in the summer it just kind of wants to do its own thing, and not in a cute, natural way.
If your hair is similar to mine, you just throw it into a ponytail or messy bun and kind of hope no one notices.
This year, however, I’m determined to not let the hot days beat me, and have been trolling the internet for inspiration.

These hairstyles are all quick and easy to achieve, and will add a little polish to even the simplest tank and shorts combo.

1. A cute twist on one of my favorite looks, a milkmaid style crown of braids, with a super genius and easy way to do it on your own. {Nasty Gal}

2. Super adorable: just tie a square scarf around your {or my} go-to messy bun, and BAM. You look like you’ve made an effort. {Keiko Lynn}

3. A slightly spruced up pony, with pieces on either side of the part twisted. {Glamour}

4. A little bit posh, this braided bun looks complicated but is actually pretty easy to do. This ‘do is perfect for situations that call for a little more polish, from work to an evening out. {The Beauty Department}

5. This particular look is certainly more for special occasions, as it is a little more involved. It’s a great do when you want to look your absolute best. {The Beauty Department}

6. I have become obsessed with perfecting my sock bun. This look truly works for any occasion. {Wedding Chicks}

7. This is probably the easiest ‘do in the bunch and is decidedly “weekend”. {Allure}

8. Embrace the braid trend with this twist on the top knot. {Sidewalk Ready}

9. A braided bun: minimal effort, maximum impact. {Join the Mood}

2 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

    • I’m so glad you like ’em! I tried the braided bun today…it looked great {even if I do say so myself}.

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